Hello everyone.  I’ve had a busy couple of days.  The roofing contractor did an inspection and determined that we need a new roof because there were a lot of places where the wood was rotting and the shingles were all past their prime.  I’ve been on the phone with the insurance company and the bank for the past two days trying to hammer out all of the financial details of this large project.  The silver lining is that we won’t have to worry about any more roof leaks for awhile!

I also got news that a former student died from an opiate overdose yesterday.  She was such a good student when I knew her and ended up getting into a great college with a hefty academic scholarship.  I don’t think she did drugs when she was in high school, but you never know with kids these days.  One of my current students is friends with the girl’s younger brother so the news spread pretty quickly around the school.  We have started a fundraiser to set up a trust for her 3 year old son.

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