Convenient? Yes. Horrible for the environment? Yes.

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Just within the last couple of months, Americans have seen reports of large companies and individual states developing plans to get rid of plastic drinking straws.  Perhaps you are wondering if ridding ourselves of these tiny pieces of plastic will make much difference in our world today.  The answer probably lies somewhere between “yes and no” at this point.  

Plastic Pollution Coalition CEO Dianna Cohen recently stated that, “They’ve (straws) been designed to be used for a very short amount of time, and then tossed away.  We look at straws as one of the gateway issues to help people start thinking about the global plastic pollution problem”.

Basically, our world does have a significant amount of plastic that goes to waste and ends up contaminating our land and water sources.  By banning the use and production of plastic straws, citizens and large corporations begin a transition of using less, and hopefully less, plastic substances.

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