Smartphones prevent communication

Hello out there.  I hope everyone is having a great Sunday.  We got all of our farm chores out of the way just before the rain started pouring down.  There’s nothing better than sitting in my den with the windows open, listening to the rain beat down on the metal roof of the porch.  My wife went to town to do some shopping at Tractor Supply Company, and as much as I would have loved to go with her (wink wink), I decided to stay here.  So I’ve got a little bit of time to write another blog post.

Today I’d like to talk about how distracted our society is by the internet and social media.  Everywhere I go, I am amazed by how many people are staring at their phones instead of interacting with each other.  We went to eat at a restaurant in town last week because neither of us had the energy to cook a meal, and I counted one table (besides our own) in which the people were not looking at their phones.  No one was talking to each other, they barely talked to their waitress, and they barely even noticed that their food had arrived because they were all so engrossed with whatever they were looking at on their phones.

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