Billie, Millie, & Gillie

I’m Pete.  I’m a high school counselor, so I spend my days talking with teenagers about anything and everything.  I live on a farm with my wife, our border collie Bella, 3 horses, 2 pigs, 5 chickens, and 3 goats.  We love living out in the country, away from all of the hustle and bustle of city life, but it takes a lot of hard work to keep everything maintained and running smoothly.

I get up at 4am every day just to take care of our animals, get a workout in, get dressed, and drive the 40 minutes to work.  My wife works from home so she is able to do some things around the farm during the day.  I usually get home around 5pm every day, do more farm-related chores, eat a good supper, and watch a little bit of television before calling it a night.

I’m so tired of the lackluster television shows, political drama, and horrible news tragedies though so I’ve decided to find something else to occupy my evenings.  I do love to read, mystery novels are my favorite, but I also like to tell stories and rant about my beliefs so my wife suggested that I start a blog.

I’m not sure if anyone will read any of my posts, and that’s fine.  This is more of a way for me to get things on “paper” so to speak…yeah, I know I could actually write everything on actual paper, but my hand gets tired after a few sentences and no one can read my writing.

If you do stumble across this blog, I hope you enjoy my rambling.  Leave me a comment or contact me via email if you like.


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